F1T3® is the new system to increase printing space on your packaging

Self-adhesive, industrial labels on reels

F1T3® – From one To three – is a simple and cost-effective labelling system to increase up to three times over the printing space available on product packages, even those made of cardboard, regardless the size.
This self-adhesive label works together with the container of the product on which it is applied.
The best solution to print warnings, ingredients and messages aimed at end clients, also when versions in several languages are needed.

How does F1T3® works?

  • F1T3® is a self-adhesive label printed on both front and back (adhesive side)
  • And the package on which the label is applied is printed too
  • Thanks to the special adhesive used, the label printed on both sides can be applied on the text beneath and raised again without damaging the package. The text can be distributed on 3 sides- label front, label back and on the package itself.
  • The applicator is automatic.

The result?
Thanks to F1T3® there is three times more space available for printing warnings and instructions on packages. This is a simple and economic response to the coming into force of the EU Cosmetics Regulation on 11 July 2013. Under this regulation, label information on cosmetics packages must be in the national or official language of all the countries where the product is marketed.

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